[Histonet] How to Quantify 'variable' thickness of MONKEY Vaginal Epithelium?? HELP!!

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Crystal and Bruce
Greetings from Houston where it has been 95 degrees today.
I am assuming that you have access to either some image analysis equipment or some drawing equipment plus several cans of Fosters.
Epithelial measurements generally require determining an average thickness.
Measure entire epithelial area and then divide by one of the following
a.Linear length from one side of section to the other
b.Length of surface
c.Length of basement membrane.
Divide the area by one of these lengths.
This then gives you the average thickness.
Of these the length of the basement membrane is best for those tissues where the thicknesss varies a lot or where there are a number of rete pegs.
You may also wish to determine the thickest and thinnest parts of a individual section as this may sometimes skew your results.
For comparison between epithelia that appear to be significantly different, many use the area divided by the perimeter squared (or cubed) to give a "shape factor".  
Hope this helps.
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	Dear Histonetters,
	my name is Crystal & I am visiting Australia (from Texas/A & M
	University.), working with a group , researching the Prevention of
	HIV Transmission. I need to quantify the thickness of each
	specimen/vaginal epithelium but the thickness and amount of keratin
	is highly variable along the length of the tract & I have no idea
	'what/how' to do this. Am hoping someone in Histo land will
	offer/suggest a procedure/technique/method that will solve my
	dilemma. Cheers & thanks IN ADVANCE,
	Crystal in Melbourne/OZ
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