[Histonet] JCAHO questions for histology

Wiese, Jason VHAROS Jason.Wiese <@t> med.va.gov
Thu Jul 29 12:40:03 CDT 2004

I run a small VA histo lab in Oregon.  I am getting my first JCAHO
inspection in two weeks.  I have been around for these inspections in the
past, but most questions were directed at the lab manager.  I am the sole
tech in histo, and am wondering if anyone can give me an idea of what
questions I can expect.  I know they will be doing tracer methodology etc in
the main lab, but I am not sure what to expect in histo.  I have printed the
2004 JCAHO survey guide and the frequently asked questions, but I find
almost nothing that applies to me.  Any ideas??

Thank You!

Jason Wiese, HT(ASCP)
VHAROS Histology
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Roseburg, OR  97470
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