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It's been years since I've done the Micronucleus Test in rodents, but we 
always had good differentiation of polychromatic and normochromatic 
erythrocytes with the traditional May Gruenwald and Giemsa staining as 
recommended by the early investigators, Boller and Schmid, Heddle, etc. 
NCE's were pink to orange, while PCE's were blue.  Micronuclei appeared 
dark purple and were unmistakeable.

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A few years ago when I was doing Gene Tox work we used
Acridine orange (pre-coated slides) on blood smears
(then coverslipped) for NCE's PCE's and Micronuclei.

caveat- the slide folders had to be stored in the
freezer (in ziploc bags) as the stain fades with
prolonged time at R.T.

I'll post the procedure if I can find it.

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