[Histonet] Embedding W/WO Melted Paraffin

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Thu Jan 22 05:04:18 CST 2004

In my lab we do the "dry" method for at least twenty years and have no
problems. The probes stay in the 60 degree-oven and then in the warm area of
the embedding center for about two hours, while embedding. It is cleaner to

Lang Gudrun

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> Hi, everyone:
> In order to settle a difference of opinion between generations of trained
> Histotechs in my lab, may I have feedback from anyone interested in
> Do you cover the blocks in melted paraffin in the embedding centre
> and hold them that way while embedding? or....
> Do you dump them in the warm reservior "dry" (not covered in melted
> and embed them that way?
> Do you consider this "dry" method as bad technique since a tiny biopsy
> specimen MAY not be noticed as the paraffin quickly solidifies?
> We have a dispute.  I have researched every book I can find and there is
> reference to it anywhere.  A newly trained tech that came to work for us
> no mention was made during her training period.  Some techs did...and some
> didn't. As a tech of nearly 27 years, I find this practice to be just
asking for
> trouble.  I was trained to keep everything melted.  There seems to be some
> argument against keeping the cassettes in the melted paraffin, claiming it
> the biopsies.  I don't buy it, but what are the opinions of others?
> It seems so basic to me.  I hope this does not come across as frivilous.
> Thanks for your input.
> Dannie Blake HT(ASCP)  Histology Lead Tech
> Fresno Community Medical Centre
> Fresno, California
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