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Yes, the age old question. As usual, it depends......

I worked with an uncertified histotech of over 15 years experience who could
do the usual special stains well, and was an excellet cutter, but who could
not seem to develop methods on his own, write any meaningful procedures or
even read very well. Basically he was one of those with one year of
experience repeated 15 times.  Although he was not certified it was not for
lack of trying - he tried five times and couldn't pass the written test
(which goes along with the inability to develop procedures, I think, and he
only attempted certification when others in the lab started a study group).
But he had some skill so he was an asset to the lab as a general bench

I have also worked with formally-trained (ie, completed a course),
certified, very interested, but who were simply mediocre and never advanced.

Then there are those OJT trained techs who got certified by their own hard
work and were absolutely excellent and advanced almost at will (Indeed, I
recently interviewed a non-certified histotech of only two years of
experience (and no formal histotech courses) who had accomplished more in
that two years than most techs do in their entire careers!).

So, it depends on the person. I tend to be concerned about a person who has
worked in the field for 15 years and is not certified. That is due either to
lack of interest, or lack of ability in some way. A person who has received
the certificaiton has proven their basic skill AND at least some potential
for personal advancement. After all, the test is a personal endeavor; the
person has to do the lab work, the reading, and the test. You don't get
certified just because you occupied a space in the lab for 15 years. And if
the issue is trainability, probably the certified person is going to be more
trainiable than someone who can't, or won't attempt to, get certified

So I guess the short answer is to look into their past very carefully and
see what they have been doing. Never base it simply on years (long or short)
or certification alone. 

Tim Morken

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This is for histology managers !  I'm curious as to which HT you would hire
a non-certified with 15 years experience or a OJT  HT (ASCP) with 2 years 
experience.  Thanks. _______________________________________________
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