[Histonet] Microtomy teamwork/glycerine ?Jelly

peptolab peptolab <@t> hamptons.com
Thu Feb 5 15:48:02 CST 2004

Hoi Hans- I have never heard of two-person microtomy- where one handles only
the ribbon on the waterbath. I would like to see that at full speed. Is this
common in NL? What town/city do you practice in? (I love NL and visit often-
a lekker ding).
For section adherence, I use nothing but fresh distilled water each day. 99%
of the tissue stays on the slide after only 15 minutes in the 65 degree C
oven of my Leica stainer. Troublesome tissues- (bone, brain, little else)
get floated onto Plus charge silanized slides.
By glycerine- I assume you mean Mayers albumen- (glycerine and egg white
with thymol) ?

Groetjes van Jeff Silverman
Histotech 32 years
Southside Hospital
Bay Shore, New York USA

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