[Histonet] Question concerning stain production[Scanned]

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Well that's how we used to make my boy. Take one Logwood trunk, boil for 20
days over a low heat...........

Do you mean make the stains up from the constituent dyes and chemicals, not
actually make the dye eosin. If it's the former then any good old book like
Lillie will tell you, If it's the latter, why?

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Hi all, im new to this list.

Ive been searching this list for production of
different stain types but didnt find anything. Perhaps
my question has been taken up before or is so
ridiculously simple that its laughable, so id like to
apologise in advance if anyone is offended or
disturbed by my questions.

Id like to know if there is a possibility to, with
simple, easy obtainable chemicals and raw materials
produce the most common stains that are avaliable.
Anything from Methylene  Blue, Eosin, Haematoxylin,
Orange G etc. I mean how did the old guys like Koch or
Ehrlich produce them or stumble upon them anyway? 

Thanks in advance
P. Dehnavi
Stud. Med. Univ.
Vienna Austria

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