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	Hi Arvind,
	Unfortunately this is not a simple question to answer.   You can
calculate the theoretical MW of the receptor proteins from their amino
acid sequences, but then the party is spoilt by post-traslational
modifications, not to mention the many isoforms/splice variants of
opioid receptors that exist, all of which have different MW's.   Of
course you could look at a paper of a Western blots done to opioid
receptors, being mindful that the receptors tend to dimerise, producing
a second band.   What are your requirements?
	Best wishes,
	(Still a PhD student in opioid receptors)
	  arvind <@t> nbrc.res.in <mailto:arvind <@t> nbrc.res.in> 
	Hi andrew,
	thanks for ur suggestions on opioid receptors actually we r
doing immuno on zebrafinch  bird brain sections 40 micron thick we have
got opioid receptors from sigma , but after repeat trials we r not able
to localise opioid receptors in brain sections we have tried with
mu.delta and kappa but non is working till now , we have done western
blot and were able to get two bands nearly 45-49 kd can u tell why there
r two bands there............ can u do me a favour by suggesting some
protocol in detail, i will be thanfull to u for that, if u can pls mail
by earliest at ..................................................
	arvind <@t> nbrc.res.in <mailto:arvind <@t> nbrc.res.in> 
	Arvind Singh Pundir
	N B R C,

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