[Histonet] TB in Lung Specimens

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This is alarming.  I have not been on histonet for a while, was there
responses to this?  I have been working with formalin fixed paraffin
embedded tb infected tissue for years without using these kind of
precautions.  Am I at risk for TB infection?
Patsy Ruegg

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Hi Histonetters,

A recent article in Human Pathology suggests that Mycobacteria in formalin
fixed tissue can remain viable and therefore there is a risk of contracting
TB from these specimens. It suggests that formalin fixed tissue from
suspected TB cases should be handled with gloves, gown and mask.

I wonder if we should be using these precautions for every lung specimen at
every step in the histological process! If the organisms are still viable,
trimmings from blocks should probably be bagged and disposed of in
infectious waste. It could quite possibly end up being the same as with CJD
brain specimens. What do you all think about this?

Reference: Gerston, K.F. Blumberg, L. Tshabalala, V.A. Murray, J. Viability
of Mycobacteria in Formalin Fixed Lungs. Human Pathology, Vol 35, No 5. May
2004. pp 571-575

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