[Histonet] rat eyes

heidi roehrich heiroe <@t> hotmail.com
Fri Aug 27 14:07:42 CDT 2004

   I  am having huge problems with unperfused rat eyes. Shortly after the
   eyes are enucleated  I place them in oct and snap freeze the tissue in
   2-methylbutane placed in liquid nitrogen. After sectioning the tissue,
   I fix it for 10 min. in 4% paraformaldyhde and follow the HNE antibody
   protocol.  The results are that the photoreceptors are almost gone and
   the rest of the tissue looks completely degenerated. What went wrong?

   Heidi Röhrich
   Histology Core Lab
   Department of Ophthalmology
   University of Minnesota
   370 Lions research Building

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