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Thu Aug 26 19:07:56 CDT 2004

Hi Joe,

Since we've known each other for a long while, I feel like it's ok to
respond to your email.  I've been following this thread with great
interest, and I suspect most of the other vendors have as well.

As you know, I started my career in the lab so I'm well aware of the
frustrations that can be caused when an instrument or product does not
perform the way you envisioned.  I also understand that the frustration
level is escalated when you feel that you aren't getting an appropriate
response from the company from which you purchased.  Now that I am one of
the "company people", I also see the other side.  I know full well that
there are instances when problems are not fully communicated to an
appropriate person within the company and that, on rare occasion, the
problem is associated with the way the product is being used.

To your other point, there are indeed vendors who monitor the Histonet
religiously.  We are extremely interested in what goes on in the field
because it helps us determine your likes and dislikes.  It also gives us a
glimpse of where technology is going so we can anticipate and prepare for
your future needs.  Sometimes we get to revel in the fact that someone
appreciates something they have purchased from us.  Other times we find out
that there is a customer who is really unhappy.  On those occasions, most
of us reply off-line, directly to the individual, to successfully resolve
the problem.  The unfortunate aspect of this situation is that when the
problems are resolved and the person is happy again, none of the people who
read the original posting are aware that there was a happy ending.  As far
as they know, the company or representative (sometimes mentioned by name)
has been given a bad review forever. Remember, everything is stored in the
archives.  I'm all for free speech, but I think we should all give careful
consideration to potentially damaging remarks, especially if they are
directed toward specific individuals.

We all know that things aren't always going to be perfect.  Occasionally,
there are products or instruments that should not have made it through the
QC process and sometimes end users make mistakes when learning to use a new
product.  This happens in our professional and home life.  Problems don't
always get fixed right away, even though we all strive for that, but they
will almost always get resolved if both parties keep communicating with
each other.  We all need to remember that communication is two-way and, if
everything goes just right, it should result in an action from one or both
parties. If you have a problem, the best way to resolve it is to contact
the appropriate person, begin a meaningful dialog in a professional manner
and remember that complaints and recommendations for improvements are
almost always better received when they are done with tact and an open

Joe, let me thank you for letting your fellow Histonetters know that you
were satisfied with your communications with the great people at Erie.
And, I have no doubt that you will be welcomed into any booth at NSH,
especially if you continue to show support for the effectiveness of the "no
flaming, no threatening, no yelling" form of professional discussions.
While you're in the exhibit area, take a look at all of the new and
innovative products and show pride in the fact that effective communication
has brought about the wonderful advances in our technology.

I'll look forward to seeing you there.

Best wishes,

Jan Minshew
Marketing Manager
Leica Microsystems, Inc.
2345 Waukegan Road
Bannockburn, IL 60015
800.248.0123 x7051

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Hello netters,
    I've been contemplating whether or not to post this, but then again, it
    is what I do best.
    Once again, a posting I did several weeks ago got the attention of a
    certain vendor (like this hasn't happened in the past). Today, I
    received a telephone call from a representative from this company. This
    person didn't want to "flame" me. Actually, it was an interesting
    conversation. He said his piece and (of course) I said mine.
    I just wanted to let y'all know, especially the vendors, because I know
    you're reading this, I thought this company showed some definite class.
    Instead of writing letters, (albeit a year after the fact), contacting
    my CEO, threatening me with tar and feathers or syrup and fire ants,
    this representative and I had a constructive discussion.
    See, I'm not a bad guy at all (if you don't believe, just ask me, I'll
    tell you). My point is there is a right way and a wrong way to handle
    criticism. This company chose the right way. No flaming, no
    threatening, no yelling, just a professional discussion about concerns.
    This company is Erie Scientific. There, I said it. Correct me if I'm
    wrong (I know some one will) but isn't this called "customer service"
    and "customer satisfaction"?

                    Let The Flaming Begin

    If this keeps up, I won't have anyone to talk to in Toronto nor will
    there be any vendor booths I can safely visit. Oh well, never did
    things the easy way.

Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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