[Histonet] T blue for mucin veronal acetate buffer

Kathleen Cormier cormier <@t> MIT.EDU
Tue Aug 17 11:47:58 CDT 2004

Hello All!

I am looking for a supplier for the veronal acetate buffer needed in the T 
blue for mucin (Theory and Practice ver 1980 pg 169-70) Since the buffer 
uses sodium barbiturate (alas! a controlled substance!) it would be much 
easier to get this buffer pre made. Any one know of anyone who sells this 
buffer or kit? Is there a similar stain that does not have sodium 
barbiturate? Is this a lost cause? This researcher is looking at gel 
membranes with glycosaminoglycans chains, and would like the T blue to 
stain the sulfated  and  nonsulfated mucopolysaccharides...



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