[Histonet] proper disposal of specimen transport biohazard bags

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Sat Aug 14 20:36:43 CDT 2004

Attention ... please turn on your sarcasm filter! Those with sarcasm 
sensitivity please hit delete now!

Because we all know we can see hazardous microbes on surfaces of gloves.

Let's listen in on this conversation in a hypothetical lab.

Are those gloves contaminated with hepatitis?
Gosh, I don't see any thing on them... they must be clean. ...
Is that a coffee in your hand? Get out of the lab with it hepatis could be 
in the air and land in your cup!

OSHA is so stupid... Ever heard of universal precautions?

OK nonsense rant over you may now return to your regularly scheduled discussion

Amos Brooks

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>I just recently attended an OSHA workshop and the question came up about the
>disposal of gloves and the transport specimen bags.   If they are not visibly
>soiled, regular trash is all right.  If you think the gloves might be
>contaminated, throw them in the Biohazard can.
>The cost of disposing of the Biohazard waste is determined normally by the
>weight.  So the unnecessary disposal in a Biohazard waste container will just
>drive up operating cost.
>Pearl Gervais, New Orleans

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