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Sat Aug 14 12:08:48 CDT 2004

Well said Terri.  Many of the Techs that I used to work with looked down 
on the hospital housekeeping and maintenance staff.  When our in-lab 
glassware dishwasher was on extended medical leave for major surgery, 
they even resented having to load the dishwasher themselves.  I felt 
differently.  Without these "ancillary staff" we "professionals" would 
not be able to perform our honorable duties of "saving lives and 
stamping out disease".  I made a point to get to know our housekeeping & 
maintenance people... learned their names and never failed to say 
"hello" to them or share a joke when we passed in the hall.  If a waste 
basket was overflowing, I would dump it myself.  If I was asked to take 
a shift in the dishwashing room, I did it gladly.  As a result, whenever 
I needed a mess (that I created) cleaned up, or something fixed in my 
department, help was a quick phone call away.  They would respond in 
seconds.  My co-supervisors could never figure out why I got such good 
service from "these people" when it would take them days to respond to 
one of their requests.

A smile (and a simple hello) is something nice to see and it doesn't 
cost a cent....

~ Ford
Ford M. Royer, MT(ASCP)
Minneapolis, MN


> -I'm sorry, but as a Histology Supervisor, cleaning bathrooms or emptying
> waste does NOT show you are a "part of the team"...it shows that 
> management
> has no respect for your position. Why isn't the housekeeping dept. doing
> these duties?
> Sue Kapoor, HT (ASCP)
> Histology Coordinator
> Kenosha Medical Center
> Kenosha, WI
> 262-653-5570
> Lets agree to disagree, ok?
> Some of us may not have the luxury of a well staffed housekeeping 
> department, and I know that my equally overworked housekeeping team 
> members appreciate an occasional helping hand. Notice I said 
> occassional!  In return, I know that the 2 regular housekeepers that 
> attend to my department take extra pains to ensure that my department 
> sparkles and that they willingly offer to help me with the occasional 
> task that is outside of their duties. True teamwork, for me, does not 
> stop at the department door.
> Terri Braud
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