[Histonet] a question on ethics

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There is also the issue that this position is not what I was told it would be. I also didn't expect to have so many issues such as a tech that can't work up to my standards. Also I keep asking myself if it is worth it esp. when this isn't turning out to be the job I expected it to be. Lastly, how can I work for someone I can't respect or trust?  Any thought on that?
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> Let your physician know that the person in charge is ultimately responsible
> that the lab is run by the book.  There are right ways and wrong ways to do
> things.  Wrong is indefensible.  Among possible penalties, CMS can shut down
> the lab.  Surely your boss doesn't want to see the lab's name in the local
> newspaper headlines.
> Gary Gill
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> I sent copies of incident reports to RM but my manager wants us to do our
> own internal quality control. How are things suppose to get fixed that way?
> My physician doesn't like to deal with these situations and refers me to my
> manager. I'm running in circles!!! Ron
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