[Histonet] You may want to hit the delete button with this, t hen again, maybe not

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"eat type of friends" -- as in "dinner with" or "with dinner"?  Sorry,
couldn't resist.

Gary Gill

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Afternoon Netter's,
	Remember about a week or two the topic was getting "flamed"? Well,
here's a new one. Sometime last year, I made several postings about a
certain company and their product that I used and it did not work for me. I
wrote them a letter and returned all the merchandise back to them saying I
was not happy with their product. I waited several months and never got a
response, so I named the company on the Histonet. Since then, I have been
throwing away their flyers, catalogs and any other correspondence I receive.
Obviously, they are doing fine without my business and I am doing fine
without their products.
	Today, I receive a letter from the company with a copy of my
Histonet postings from over a year ago, telling me that this has been in
customer service for about a year (hmmmmmmmm, I'm trying to find out where
the customer service is in all of this. (One year, okay, I'll get back to
that), that their customer service has tried several times to contact me but
to no avail. (Hmmmmm, one way would have been to respond to my email
address, but I'll come back to this also).
	So after all this time, they want to do business with me. (So close
to the NSH meeting, hmmmmmmmmm, another point to ponder).
	My big beef is that these companies read this forum and try to use
strong arm tactics on people who post negative comments about them or their
products. I have many friends that are sales reps in this field (I'm talking
like come over my house and eat type of friends) and I love these people.
	I must reiterate that this forum was set up to exchange ideas,
theories and experiences, both positive and negative. If this was such a
"hot item", point #1, why did it take a whole year to get a response when
they had my company and address on file? Is this how customer service works?
I don't think so!!
	Point #2 If you are a vendor and don't like a particular posting,
why don't you reply back to that person via email.
	Point #3 don't wait until it's almost time for the NSH annual S/C to
fix a problem, it's probably too late by then.
	Point #4 If you haven't had a purchase order or have not
corresponded with a customer for over a year, chances are that customer does
not want to do business with you. Let lying dogs lie and don't open old
scars. All you did was get me going on a tangent. I know, there goes Nocito
again, but I refuse to be treated like this from any one. Like they say in
the movies, "Don't call me, I'll call you".

Okay, I've said my piece now let the FLAMING BEGIN!!!!!!!!!

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opinions of his employer, subordinates, friends or relatives.

Joe Nocito, BS, HT(ASCP) QIHC
Histology Manager
Pathology Reference Lab
San Antonio, TX

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