[Histonet] IHC artefact puzzle

JColCLEFA <@t> aol.com JColCLEFA <@t> aol.com
Tue Aug 10 03:24:49 CDT 2004

If you are using heat retrieval with slides in a vertical rack   and you 
remove the rack from the hot retrieval solution , the solution will evaporate from 
the edges of the section first, drying the tissue edges and ruining the 
reactivity on the tissue edges. If you leave the racks in the hot solution vessel 
after the time is up for retrieval and cool your retrieval solution, racks and 
all, by sitting them in a cool water bath without removing them from the 
solution until cool (less than 40C) the evaporation will be slowed, the edges will 
not dry out, and antigenicity should be preserved.   JPJC HT,QIHC

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