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   If  the  tissue is soft, just cut back on the times in your solutions.
   You  can  process  your  tissues  up  through 1 change of xylene and 1
   change  Clearite 3 on your tissue processor - nice an easy,  DO NOT GO
   THROUGH  THE parafffin stations.  If the tissues are small, 1 hour per
   station  is  acceptable.  70%,  80%,  95% x 2, 100% x 2, Xylene X 2 OR
   Xylene  x  1,  Clearite  3  X  1  - these are number of changes.  This
   eliminates tedious hand processing.
   Start  infiltration  with  MMA mixtures (2 mixtures) 4 hours each with
   last   change   overnight   in   a  final  mixture  to  insure  proper
   infiltration,   then  embed, let sit overnight at RT,  then polymerize
   in a 37C waterbath (not an oven!)  I will be happy to send via private
   attachment,  a  protocol  by Diane Sterchi for MMA mixtures, etc.  She
   did  short  schedules for MMA with great success.  This still is not a
   truly  rapid protocol, but probably faster than what you use now.  Her
   MMA mixtures infiltrated nicely, were not overly thick and polymerized
   like a dream.
   At 08:26 AM 8/6/2004, you wrote:

     Hi everyone
     i am using a methylmetacrylate embedding procedure on thin and soft
     resconstructed tissue on titane biomaterial, this protocole i found
     is  adapted  for  bone specimen with long time for dehydratation (1
     day for each alcohol) and impregnation (2 days for each bath).
     Could  you  give  me  please  a  successfull  rapid  procedure  for
     embedding this type of tissue in MMA ?
     Any advices on reducing times are welcome.
     thanking you in advance.
     Myriam baali
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