[Histonet] Re: H&E staining of frozen section

Caroline Stott caroline.stott <@t> anatomy.otago.ac.nz
Tue Apr 27 16:26:49 CDT 2004

Hi there,
When I am staining H&E from frozen.....  I take the section onto a slide 
let it dry for a few minutes and immerse in formal calcium for a few 
minutes.  Then straight into water for a quick wash, then into Harris (or 
whichever Haematoxylin) for about 30 seconds.  Back to water, then blue, 
water, then up through 70%, 95% and 100% into Alcoholic eosin for 10 or so 
seconds and through 2 changes of 100% alc.  Finally into 3 changes of 
xylene and mount in DPX.
Hope that helps

Caroline Stott

Histology Service Unit
Medical School
University of Otago
(03) 479 7152 

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