[Histonet] tissue slicer

Kathleen Roberts kgrobert <@t> rci.rutgers.edu
Mon Apr 19 08:57:19 CDT 2004

Hmmm, sounds like a really tiny egg slicer.  :o) 

The only thing that I could think of-and it doesn't match your required 
thickness-was this:

This will help you make accurate freehand sections of 1mm thick, but 
again you can't make all the slices at once.

Good luck-
Kathleen Roberts
Principal Lab Technician
Neurotoxicology Labs
Rutgers University

Katy Whalley wrote:

>We are looking for a device which can be used to cut tissue quickly into
>slices of an even thickness. We're not sure yet exactly how thick these
>will be but something in the range 30-300 microns is likely. My supervisor
>has in mind something in which several blades are attached to a holder
>that keeps them the correct distance apart, so that all the slices are cut
>at once. Has anyone ever used/ seen this kind of thing, or anything else
>which would do the job?
>Katy, UCL
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