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Fri Apr 16 10:41:07 CDT 2004

I haven't used microwave fixation, but I do remember frozen section heat
fixation when I first started learning histology.  Perhaps saline at 65C is
a modification of this?  We brought saline (or water) to the boil, took it
off the heat and dropped a thin piece of fresh tissue into it for one
minute.  The tissue was then frozen on a clinical microtome with CO2 or a
Peltier cooler and sectioned.  The morphology and staining was fine, except
that eosin was pinker than expected.  It is important not to leave the
tissue too long in the hot saline or it cooked and it was ruined.  One
minute was about the maximum.  I've also tried fixing fresh tissue, in
cassettes, in NBF at 65C in an oven for an hour.  That works quite well too,
at least as far as morphology and ordinary dye staining is concerned.  Of
course, a well sealed container is strongly advised.

Bryan Llewellyn

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Sorry to but in - but on a related question - does anyone do microwave
fixation in saline as described by for instance the Melbourne group, which
involves bringing up to 65C in saline?
Have tried it this week and the sections are even crummier than usual.
When I was in Tasmania, a local private lab. did it and their sections were

Dr Terry L (why can't I get a good H&E) Marshall, B.A.(Law),
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Subject: [Histonet] Microwave Processing and Derm Shaves

   Is anyone out there doing any processing on derm shaves with microwave
   processing? How is it and how are the results?

   A. Kevin Williams
   Vermont Dermatopathology.

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