[Histonet] Re: PFA frozen section storing

Robbie L Townsend townserl <@t> lsu.edu
Thu Apr 15 13:01:53 CDT 2004

Hi Katy
We use a cryoprotectant solution in our lab.  This is a long term freezing
solution.  The recipe:
For 500ml:
150 ml Ethylene Glycol
100 ml Glycerol
into 250 ml PBS (0.5M)
*stir until clear
Sections can be placed in this solution and stored at -16degrees.  When
ready to use, the sections must be rinsed with PBS very well.  If you don't
need to store them for very long, say 3-4 days, you may want to use a PBS
with Sodium Azide solution instead of cryoprotectant.The recipe:
0.05% Sodium Azide in PBS:
0.5g Sodium Azide
1000ml PBS
When ready to use, just rinse the sections about 3x10 min each in PBS.
Hope this helps,

Leigh Townsend
Research Associate
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Baton Rouge, La

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