[Histonet] Storage of 10M NaOH

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Well I will give this a shot. I think this is strictly from a safety
standpoint. We have recently undergone lab to lab evaluations by a safety
officer and you would not believe what we are supposed to do. Granted we in
research get away with a lot as we are not subjected to the inspections the
clinical labs get. For safety purposes you should keep minimal amounts of
caustic/harmful materials in plastic to avoid breakage issues,  below eye
level and on shelves that have a lip! If not you get a ticket!!!!
Fortunately no fine yet!

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Maybe not a strictly histochemistry question but maybe someone could 
provide me with an answer.
I was just told that I shouldn't store the 10M NaOH that I use for 
adjusting the pH in a glass bottle. I was told that it needed to be made 
fresh and only kept in a plastic bottle. Why is this? How long can I 
keep a stock solution?
If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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