[Histonet] Can you lose your skill?

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Although I do not have all the details, I do not believe that you are
approaching this from the right direction.
If you are only doing 800 cases a year what is occupying the rest of
your time there?
If you have "time on your hands" then the solution is up to you. It is
not only "hands on" but also researching the literature and taking
courses that will not only maintain but improve your skills. Is it
possible for you to start a small project that allows you to explore new
methods for demonstrating topics that you are interested in? 
Are you able to take courses?
I was in a similar situation in England and loved it as I was able to
expand my knowledge beyond the work for which I was responsible. This
was not only a stimulating experience but also improved my perspective
and appreciation for the routine work I had to carry out. 
If you have the time and facilities,  I would take this as a golden
opportunity to not only maintain your skills but also broaden your

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Hello everyone,
I have a kind of odd question for you. I would love to have all of the
experts and non-experts feedback. Let me start off by saying that I have
been a Histotech since 2000 when I graduated from the school at AFIP. I
was sent to a place that did 6000 cases a year. We also did special
stains and autopsies. I was working there for two years when I
transferred to a place that did 18,000 cases a year. Specials,
autopsies, and immuno's. Now I am at a place where I do 800 cases a
year. Maybe 5 special stains a year and no autopsies. I am supposed to
be here for three years but I am trying to fight it. I am telling
everyone that I am losing my skills being here. The people that control
this place tell me otherwise. There is one pathologist here right out of
residency who will not confirm that my skills will erode. He is right
out of residency and would not know. Anyway do you think that my
complaint is a legitimate complaint. Can you lose your skills if not
used? If you have not noticed already I am in the military, Navy that
is. I just need to confirm that a Histotech can lose their skill if not
used. I would appreciate any feedback, advice. Thank you.

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