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Wed Apr 7 14:09:04 CDT 2004


            We  haven't  bought  this  Methano.  I  t was a "gift" from a
   private  lab,  they  bought  some  to  a new Co. and they sent to us 5
   liters ina big bottle, that's why I couldn't get any information about
   this alcohol.

    Now,  the  problem  is  we don't have an Hidrometer, so we checked it
   with  2  ml.  of  Methanol in a little tube and  0,5 ml of oil, then I
   shaked  them,  and  I could see little drops of oil, like an emulsion,
   the  solution  changed  the  colour, it turned white with drops in it.
   Maybe water??

   The  last step I did. I compair the solution with the Methanol we have
   kept  in  the  lab which I know it is 98.8 % pure with 0,1% water. The
   drops of oil were quite bit less than in the other solution. What does
   it means??

                                                                 I   need
   someone who knows about chemistry soon!!

   Thanks again for your advices and HAPPY EASTER! for everyone.
   H.T. Maria Teresa Dominguez

   Anatomy Pathologyc,

   Zonal Hospital of Río Grande,

   Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.

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