[Histonet] tissue tek cryostat 4553

Riesen, Rebecca rebecca.riesen <@t> dsilabs.com
Tue Dec 30 15:53:32 CST 2003

I've got one for you all!  We had a fire marshal come through the other day.  We have a very small room in one of our satellite facilities where we do frozen sections.  When he opened the door, he smelled xylene and alcohol fumes (imagine that!)  He then proceeded to ask if this machine ( the tissue tek cryostat 4553) was made to be safely operated in an "explosive environment"?  Well, I said I was sure it was ok for the level of fumes in the room (which has been tested to be within safety limits).  He wants DOCUMENTATION.  I called Sakura Finetek who says that they do not support this piece of equipment and Bayer had until 2000.  But as far they know, no one is around to help out with real technical questions on these cryostats.  The fire marshal wants something in writing that says something to the effect of.....Store flammable or explosive materials X feet away from this equipment.  Or something of that nature.   Help me if you can.. someone out there in histo land.  THANKS!!!!

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