[Histonet] Immuno stain for RBC's

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It can be difficult to do IHC on GMA embedded samples especially if extreme
care has not been taken during fixation and processing and embedding (not to
overheat).  Plus since you cannot remove the plastic you must pass thru it
and the IHC reagents contain such large molecules it can be difficult to get
them thru the plastic.  I know some people do IHC on GMA but in my
experience it is very difficult and inconsistent.  The recommended media for
IHC would be methyl methacrylate which can be removed from the section
before IHC staining.  Good antibodies for vessel lining cells include cd31,
vegf, desmin, factor VIII, cd34, thrombomudulin, and agglutinin.

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Does any one have a good protocol for an immuno stain for red blood
vessels/endothelial cells on bone samples that have been embedded in glycol

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Ricki Simoskevitz
Osteotech Inc.

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