[Histonet] Divisions of hippocampus

John Kiernan jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca
Tue Dec 16 12:31:15 CST 2003

kspencer <@t> utmem.edu wrote:
> Could anyone recommend a website, paper or text 
> that clearly show the divisions of the hippocampus 
> in a rodent. Most specficially, I would like
> to know where the boundries between CA1 and 
> subiculum exist in coronal sections. 

Swanson LW 1998 Brain Maps: Structure of the
Rat Brain. 2nd revised edn. Amsterdam:
Elsevier. ISBN 0444827854
Very detailed labelled templates of
coronal sections. There's also a CD with
the book. 
For photos, the rat atlas by Paxinos is
probably the best.
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