[Histonet] fluoro-jade B

John Kiernan jkiernan <@t> uwo.ca
Fri Dec 12 23:30:33 CST 2003

Dead cells are acidophilic (= they stain strongly
with anionic dyes). That includes fluorescent
anionic dyes such as the eosins and acid fuchsine.

There's plenty of respectable peer-reviewed 
literature about all this, especially for dead
neurons. The patents that refer to fluoro-jade
describe it as something similar to eosin

Do some googling! Look up the papers, and you
will probably find that there is no need to buy
an unidentified stain for dead neurons.
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Sharon Cooperman wrote:
> Has anyone tried Fluoro-Jade and had it work?  I've found web sites
> (including the manufacturer's) that show great pictures, but everyone
> I've ever talked to who tried it says it doesn't work (many more
> people say it doesn't work than say it does.  I want to try it on my
> FFPE mouse brains, but I don't want to waste a lot of time if it's
> hopeless.
> Sharon
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