[Histonet] RE: IHC on cells on coverslips

Nader, Alexander alexander.nader <@t> wgkk.sozvers.at
Fri Dec 12 06:36:00 CST 2003

> "Not really beneficial to many antigens"? I could list at least 50
> antibodies that work on ethanol fixed smears. Most of these 
> are in routine
> use.
> eg: AE1AE3, Cam5.2, 5D3, Vimentin, Desmin, GFAP, PSAP, PSA, CEA, EMA,
> Skeletal muscle myosin, Actin,etc etc.

S100-Antigen, GCFBP and some other ab's "leach out" with ethanol fixation,
even fixation of trephines with Schaffer's solution (ethanol/formalin
mixture) shows this unwanted and rather nasty effect.

Alexander Nader MD
Vienna, Austria

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