[Histonet] Steiner and Steiner method/H. pylori

Derek and/or Lynda Leopold leopold <@t> mnsi.net
Tue Dec 9 15:30:26 CST 2003

Hi list,
Would anyone care to comment on the Steiner and Steiner (microwave) 
method for spirochetes?  I susupect my lab's pathologists are interested 
in it for viewing H. pylori, yet in all the "HP" talk on this list I 
have yet to hear it mentioned.  How does it compare from a tech safety 
standpoint?  As a brand-new tech, I still do crazy things like read the 
safety warnings on ingredients, and that whole uranyl nitrate 
radioactive thing is sort of bothering me.  We use no protective 
equipment when doing this stain (which the doctors still call "Warthin 
Starry", incidentally, but hey---they're making the big bucks....)
I'll take anyone's 2 cents...
Lynda Leopold

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