[Histonet] using "antifreeze" for section storage

Frouwke Kuijpers frouwke <@t> sci.kun.nl
Tue Dec 9 03:09:09 CST 2003


A few month ago I had a question about storage in an antifreeze medium :
0,05 Sodium phosphate buffer, 30% ethylen glycol, 20% glycerol for storing
40 micron sections at - 20 C. Well, we stored the sections like this way and
now we want to use them for staining.
But: when we put the sections from the antifreeze in the PBS buffer it
became thick and slimy. After a long washing in the PBS the slimy thing has
gone but when we take the sections on the brush it "reacts" in the air,
putting them back in the buffer it seems normal again.

Can anyone tell me what this reaction can be? Will the sections still be
good enough for in situ?
What is the right treatment after the antifreeze storage, thorough washing
in AD. f.e. ?

Thank you

Frouwke Kuijpers

Dept. Cellular Animal Physiology
University of Nijmegen
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen
frouwke <@t> sci.kun.nl

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