[Histonet] FISH and IF

Judy Trogadis TrogadisJ <@t> smh.toronto.on.ca
Mon Dec 8 14:45:35 CST 2003

Fellow histologists

Can anyone advise me about a protocol for combined FISH (for mRNA) and
IF (for protein)? Many of the references don't include fluorescence for
mRNA detection but I would really like to use our confocal microscope. 

As a philosophical issue, apart from amplification of the expression
(prehybridization) or of the signal (post hybridization) has in situ
hybridization itself changed much in the last few years? In other words,
how valid are references to "critical steps" from the early 90's?
Because there seems to be more pure methods papers, carefully testing
each step, from that time then  currently.

Thank you for any advice and I look forward to opinions.

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