[Histonet] SDSU HISTO Temp position

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Mon Dec 8 11:18:47 CST 2003

I have waited a bit to comment as my initial reaction was one of disbelief.
It is this type of nonsense that only worsens the vacancy rate the world of
histology suffers from.  I looked closely at the job description again to be
sure I didn't misunderstand anything.  The statement about preparing IHC for
path examination is an indication to me that those expecting a qualified
response have no respect for our profession.  It would also seem that these
same individuals are woefully lacking in knowledge of basic economics.  I
work in Minnesota and although we are not Brookings, S.D. we are in a
relatively similar economic area as we are not on either coast or in some
huge metropolitan area.
I also have previous experience working in vet. pathology and 20 years ago
people were being paid in this salary range (relative to region of course).
I'm quite certain Ronald Reagan is no longer president even in Brookings and
the comment about noxious chemicals hopefully doesn't apply to benzene.
I think I can predict with some certainty that the full-time temporary
position will expire before it is filled.  That is of course unless someone
wants to take a leave of absence from delivering pizzas (I used to do that
too!) and then return to their permanent employment once SDSU is done using
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