[Histonet] Pathologist's Assistant Assistant?

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Thu Dec 4 11:38:31 CST 2003

Hi Wanda,

As PA, Pathology (Manager)& (HT) myself, yes, I require to have a lab
assistant, which we call pathology technicians, next to the gross prosector
at all times for more than one reason. Two major reasons I do this is;
1. During the afternoon the gross prosector can gross much quicker with
assistance to get the tissues on the processors sooner if the lab in under
time crunches with processing schedules, which larger labs demonstrate due
to many outpatient specimens arriving later in the day, and wanting to give
accounts less than 24 hour turn around time.
2. Additional set of eyes is very valuable as a double check system for
errors or problems with requisitions, tissue cassettes or special
studies/request,  etc..

In the long run for the "total process" with histology specimens we found in
our lab that produces a variety of 250 specimens per day, that this has
eliminated many problems for the next day, in histology,
immunohistochemistry, cytology (with non gyn specimens), slides for the
pathologists and as well helped the transcriptionists. Overall demonstrating
the assistant next to the gross prosector is very valuable.

Hope this helped.

Michael LaFriniere PA, HT(ASCP)
Pathology Manager
Memorial Hospital
Chattanooga TN

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Dear Histonetters,
I do not want to open a HUGE can of worms regarding PA's, but I have a
question that I need some input on...
At facilities that use PA's, is there an Assistant to the Assistant at the
grossing table???  In other words, Is there a Lab Assistant or Histotech
always available when the PA is cutting?
The reason I ask is, we are staffed very thinly, and late in the afternoon,
things get busy with the phones, accessioning specimens, late frozen
sections, etc, etc and I could use the Lab assistant to do other things
rather than stand w/ the PA and change blades...
Input on this is appreciated and let me say, I do not want to open the
"Let's bash the PA's" can of worms!!!

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