[Histonet] Mountig medium

Myrtelina Fernandez myrtelina <@t> hotmail.com
Wed Dec 3 11:52:27 CST 2003

How do you prevent mountig medium from  "runnig" after coverslip and clean 
the slide. Frequently, even when a very small amount of the product is used 
,the slides get stick to the tray due to the mounting medium on the edge. At 
this moment the lab. staff double check the slides before submitting them to 
screening, but sometimes, due to time frame or distraction, they can forget 
to do it. Some days are worst than others. We are using Eukitt mounting 
medium, which is"fast drying".and I don't know if submitting the slides to 
heat righ after coverslip would alter its properties.Would it work? Is this 
a common problem or is just that we have to be more careful? Iwill 
appreciate some ideas. Thanks.

M. Fernández, Laboratory supervisor

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