[Histonet] HIER using B & D rice steamer

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     The steamer is absolutly the best method of retrieval around. The heating is even and can be directly monitored in real time. If you drill a hole in the top of the steamer you can put a thermometer directly into the solution. The steamer is not subject to the temperature spikes you see using a microwave. The price is usually right. The steamers can usually be found for under $50.00. I highly reccommend it. If you have any questions just ask:-).
Amos Brooks

BTW: Be careful with the hole in the top. I have heard of someone that had a hard plastic top and it broke on him. I believe the Black & Decker has a soft plastic top (that's what I use) so it should be no problem.

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Subject: [Histonet] HIER using B & D rice steamer

One of our pathologists is looking for an inexpensive way to antigen =
retrieve tissues for staining with CD3, CD68 and CD56.  I suggested a =
Black and Decker rice steamer although I personally have no experience =
with one.  Is anyone out there willing to share their retrieval =
protocol?  I (and he) would greatly appreciate it.

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