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Subject: Restaining slides

Good morning - An answer to your questions about restaining slides:

There is no problem restainng the H&E.  Remove the coverglass, place in 
xylene (with agitation to remove the mounting medium), the alcohols, 
bacl to water.  Then place in 1% acid alcohol to decolorize the 
hematoxylin.  The eosin will be removed with the water rinses.  Then 
rinse well in water and perform the PAS.

To restain the PAS is a little different.  The best way is first to 
purchase Schiff Hand Cleaner from Anatech, Kalamazoo, MI.  This is a 
thick liquid.   Remove the coverglass from the slide, take back through 
xylene to water.  With the slide wet mix a little of the hand cleaner 
with a little water to make a slurry.  Apply to the tissue.  Let set for 
several minutes.  The slurry can be rinsed off and the depth of 
remaining staining checked.  If it is still too dark repeat the 
process.  The handcleaner will decolorize the slide.  Rinse slide well 
with water and stain with regular H & E .  

Hope this helps.  Cheryl

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