[Histonet] Nuclear staining artefact

Tom Wells tomers <@t> shaw.ca
Mon Dec 1 23:27:21 CST 2003

It never fails, just when I start to think that I have everything worked out in Immunohistochemistry  I find something new to prove that I still have a lot to learn. I have begun to see some strange nuclear staining in bone marrow biopsies. There isn't a general increase in background only the specific nuclear staining in the negative control. I have seen this  before, but usually only the rare cell and only on the periphery of the tissue. Recently, however, the tissues have shown a large number of positive staining nuclei throughout the tissue.  This artefact doesn't show up in the slides stained with a primary antibody only the negative control. I have never seen this in any tissue other than bone marrow biopsies.  We fix our bone marrows in B5 and decalcify with RDO. Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone have a theory?   Thanks.  Tom

Tom Wells
Supervisor, Immunohistochemistry
Lions Gate Hospital
North Vancouver, BC
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