[Histonet] Egg yolk embedding of brain

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You might also check out:

Adoff, L.M. 1981. Egg yolk embedding for frozen whole brain sections. 
Stain Technology 56(2):125-126.


Gurusinghe, C.J. and D. Ehrlich. 1986. Gelatin embedding of central 
nervous system tissues improves the quality of vibratome sections. Stain 
Technology 61:324-326.

The journal Stain Technology is now known as Biotechnique and 

A. Erickson wrote:

>I am trying to locate a copy of the article "Egg Yolk Embedding of Whole
>Primate Brain Segments" Simmons, Donna M.  Journal of Histotechnology, 2:2
>June, 1979 pp.62-64.  If anyone can help, i will greatly appreciate it.
>Regards, Andra Erickson  Research Technologist, UW WaNPRC, Seattle, Wa

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