[Histonet] H pylori staining

Priscilla Delventhal pdelvent <@t> wyoming.com
Tue Aug 26 19:34:52 CDT 2003

We have been using the #2 stain (blue) from the Diff-Quick stain and
tweaked it just a bit.  We stain for 5 minutes in the stain and rinse
in water.  Then 3 short dips in 80% Reagent Alcohol and dehydrate,
clear and coverslip.  Although they don't stand out and wave a flag,
they are recognizable and the reaction to the bug is still an important
factor as to whether they are going to cause ulcers.  Just my 2
cents-----Priscilla in Central Wyoming.
Just one month to retirement then I can do some more traveling.

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