[Histonet] Saff O/ Fast Green

Rachel D Maddox rmaddox <@t> umich.edu
Sun Aug 24 09:53:54 CDT 2003

Hi.  I'm looking for some advice/ information on using saffranin O and
fast green for staining sections that contain both articular cartilage and
bone tissue.  The saffranin O stains for glycosamino glycans (GAGs), which
are present in the cartilage, while the fast green stains for collagen,
making the bone appear green-brown-grey.  All the information I can find
simply indicates that fast green stains for collagen, but does not
indicate whether or not is specific for collagen I.  I am wondering
whether there is such specificity and if not, what prevents the fast green
from staining the abundant type II collagen in the cartilage?  Any
information would be of great help.

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