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Dear Dr. Margraf:

Are any of these Histonet replies being archived somewhere? For example,
if I want to check a particular question and answer that may be useful
to me, would I be able to find it?

Thank you,

Milton A. Gomez

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Dear Histonetters:
Here is some more information about the new server we are using for

To access information about your subscription or to change something go


and follow the instructions.(You will need to scroll down to the
Histonet subscriber area).  Once you put in your email address in the
correct field it will take you to a page that shows what functions are
selected for your address and you can change to digest mode etc.  You
will need your password to make changes. You received your password in
the email Herb sent Saturday but if you lost it you can request it again
from the server (also at this address).  The server will email  the
password to you again.

SPECIAL  NOTE TO  DIGEST SUBSCRIBERS:  Herb spent many hours switching
people who used to be on the digest back to the digest yesterday so you
won't need to make that change yourself now.  The number of messages
with "subscribe digest" in the subject line indicated to us people are
still trying to learn the new system. 

NOTE TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO GET OFF THE LIST: You will need to go to the
above email address and unsubscribe. You will need your password to get
off the list. If you have problems or your address has changed enough
since you first subscribed that the server doesn't recognize you let me

Send the email messages you wish to send  to the subscribers to:
histonet <@t> lists.utsouthwestern.edu
Please do not send subscribe, unsubscribe requests to this address

NOTE ABOUT VIRUSES:  Several nasty viruses are now circulating around
the internet and clearly some subscribers have some.  The server is
designed to clear out viruses from the email before it circulates to the
list so it is unlikely you will get a virus from a Histonet message.
However, always be cautious about attachments and mail from sources you
don't recognize. 

Thanks for being patient as we all get used to the new server. In the
long  run it will be a better system.
Linda M
Histonet administrator

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