[Histonet] Scytek manual immunostainer from Logan Utah

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Wed Aug 20 11:57:10 CDT 2003

The device is called Slidemaster.  It holds 20 slides, can be put into an
incubator, refrigerator, or on a rotator for more agitation, and it can be
stacked.  We cover with a black towel for immunofluorescent staining
(something that cannot be done on an open to room light automated stainer!)
We have 7 of them in our lab, and have set up 5 at a time to stain 100
slides manually (yes, possible!), finishing after lunch, one person doing
the work.    

Go Scytek website for more information on the device.  It costs approx $400
but considering the price of automation, cheap! and they take up very
little space. The joy is absolute versatility to use whatever reagents one
desires and in research situation has proven to be a workhorse incubation
chamber in our lab.  Suddenly, IHC is very popular when done in my lab
using Slidemaster (also called the "Flat Thing"! 

If this is a sales pitch, No! I get no commission from Scytek, just a
satisfied customer speaking up.      
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