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Philip Oshel peoshel <@t> wisc.edu
Wed Aug 20 10:31:16 CDT 2003

Someone's -- or more than one person's -- computer is infected with 
the latest virus and is sending the stuff, mostly spoofing email 
addresses from the computer's address book, so the mail looks like 
it's from a legitimate source. My address has been spoofed this way.
Delete all the attachments *without opening them* and the emails. 
Some worms and viruses can use header vulnerabilities in 
MIME-compliant programs like Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc..
Run a virus program on your computer to make sure that you're not infected.
Also, if you're using Windows on your computer, check with your IT 
people to make sure you've got the latest patch to fix yet another of 
MS's security flaws (self-inflicted, most of them).
It might have come through your Yahoo account -- web-based email 
accounts are easier targets for viruses and worms than most other 


Hello, I am getting nothing but attachments with no message!! Is 
anyone else receiving this?

Jill Cox HT (ASCP)
Seattle Histology Lab

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