[Histonet] Virus

Bill Blank bill501 <@t> mindspring.com
Wed Aug 20 09:53:55 CDT 2003

It is of course more complex than this. Most of these recent viruses 
and worms harvest email addresses from your personal PC and use them 
to get into listserves.

Today I got a bunch of bounces and notices from Yahoo groups and 
Histonet that it had removed a virus coming from my email address. 
These are as annoying as Spam.

As a Mac user I can't spread the virus, but they can make them appear 
to come from me.


At 8:43 AM -0400 8/20/03, Pamela Marcum wrote:
>HistoNet and the EM Server tries so very
>hard to avoid these things and it just impossible to do with some of these
>unauthorized people who only use a name to get on line and send mail.
>Individuals are much harder to deal with in e-mail.  Pam Marcum

Bill Blank
http://kernunnos.com (Celtic studies and numismatics)

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