[Histonet] Borg Decloker, pH 9.5 and options.

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Kevin, I'm not sure which lab you work in, but a popular option may be our Trilogy solution.  This EDTA based solution is used by many labs as a universal solution to unmask all their antibodies.  It gives high-pH quality unmasking for tougher antibodies like Cyclin D1, ALK-1, TdT, etc....but it isn't high pH so it is less harsh on the tissue than some higher pH solutions.  We run all of the antibodies that we offer (with the exception of adenovirus and Her2) with Trilogy antigen retrieval and get optimal staining consistently.  Trilogy allows for deparaffinization within the solution while doing HIER, but it doesn't have to be used that way if that is not preferred.  It can be used simply as an epitope retrieval solution, just like you would use regular citrate solution.  And with no expiration date,  no refrigeration, and no diluting needed, it is a very efficient reagent.  Add to that that when you purchase the 5 gallon volume (sent in 5 one gallon jugs) it costs less than $80 A GALLON, making it one of, if not THE, most economical reagents on the market.  It works in clinical and research settings and has been published in several papers, including from such respected companies as Genentech.  We invite you to evaluate it for your IHC needs.  If you would like to try it, please e-mail me and I will send you a free sample so that you can see for yourself.  
BTW, if you want to optimize your staining for some nuclear staining antigens and some antigens that are very sensitive to fixation, like CD10, CD4, CD5, Cyclin D1, TdT, TTF-1, ER, PR, Inhibin, WT1, etc., you many want to consider switching to a pressure cooker, whose high heat tends to really bring out the tougher epitopes to retrieve.  We have found that it is fast (15 minutes with no cooldown necessary) and consistent (since it is a closed system with constant 120 degrees centigrade temperature throughout heat retrieval).  We have many clients that use Trilogy in the pressure cooker (and many that use it in the steamer as well) for all of their antibodies, even the ones they don't purchase from Cell Marque.  If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail or via phone at 1-800-665-7284, Ext. 12.
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Dear All:
I am trying to find a way to make or to procure from someone else a buffer for antigen retreval, we steam.
Thanks for your help:
Yours faithfully,
A. Kevin Williams


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