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Rebecca Barnhart RBARNHART <@t> summithealth.org
Mon Aug 18 14:13:50 CDT 2003

I built the pathology portion of our Meditech Client Server system. 
There are two ways I have handled this:

1.  Have specific specimen types.  For example have a liver specimen
type that will order the gross level charge and any special stains.  The
real benifit to this is that you can also attach lab results to the
specimen type, as long as the lab is linked to the pathology module.  I
have all hepatitis and liver function lab results attached to the
specimen.  This way the pathologist can review the lab results as he is
signing out the case.  

2.  Have a procedure that includes any special stain that is for a
liver biopsy.  Our sister hospital does a panel of stains for all thier
liver biopsies.  So I built a profile that includes all the stains and
tied the profile to the tissue.  This way when they ordered the tissue
all the stains were ordered at the same time.  

With the labels.  I was not involved with this part as much.  My
understanding on our system at least, we can control how many rows of
labels we get (each of our rows contain six labels).  It is easier for
us to reprint labels as needed.  

I hope this helps.  Let me know how else I can help, you can contact me
at work or my home email. 

Becky Barnhart
rbarnhart <@t> summithealth.org  (work)
tbarnhart <@t> innernet.net (home)

>>> "Tapper, Sheila" <STapper <@t> slhduluth.com> 08/18/03 12:50PM >>>
Hi - 
We are currently implementing the Meditech computer system.  I am
interested in talking with anyone who has experience with building the
Histology portion.  We are experiencing great difficulty in trying to
streamline the entry of specimens with tests attached to the
For example:  a liver biopsy with an iron, trichrome and retic stain
attached.  We would like to have the tests attached to the specimen,
be able to print labels for the slides as well.  Can anyone out there
help me find the answer?
Sheila Tapper
St. Luke's Hospital
Duluth, MN

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