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No one will be "grandfathered in" to the HT exam, no matter how many years
of experience they have, if they are applying through the high school route.

The route of high school diploma plus 2 years full time histology experience
(on-the-job-training (OJT)) will be discontinued as of Jan. 2005.

However, please realize that the candidate has a little bit of additional
time after that, IF the candidate's first attempt at taking the exam is
before the end of Dec. 2004.

Let's assume this scenario -

The candidate first takes the exam in the summer of 2004 (July, Aug, Sept)
and does not pass.

The candidate has a total of 5 times of taking the exam. After 5 attempts,
they cannot take the HT exam ever again. (Of course, they could go on and
earn a BA or BS, and take the HTL.)

Our imaginary person has taken the test once, so has 4 more attempts (5 - 1
= 4). They could try again in the fall 2004 (Oct, Nov, Dec.). If they do not
pass, they still have 3 more attempts.

These 3 more attempts CAN be taken after the Jan. 2005 deadline, with some

The other criteria is that, when a person signs up to take the exam, that
"exam cycle" is good for five (5) years.

Since this candidate signed up to first take the  exam in the summer 2004,
they have signed up for a cycle that ends spring 2009.

So this candidate can take the exam 3 more times, up through spring (Apr,
May, June) 2009. If you want to think of it this way, they are
"grandfathered in" for being allowed to continue to take the exam. But ONLY
if they FIRST signed up and TOOK the exam BEFORE the end of Dec. 2004. The
key word is TOOK.

If they do not pass by the 5th try, they cannot take the HT exam ever again,
no matter what route. In other words, they cannot then earn an associate
degree with 20 credit hours of bio/chem, and try taking the HT exam via that

Now, another scenario.

What if this candidate tried twice in 2004 to take the exam, and two more
times in the cycle ending spring 2009. They still have 1 more try left (5 -
4 = 1), but their original 5 years is now up.

When they go to sign up for the next 5 year cycle, they are NO LONGER be
"grandfathered in" for being allowed to take the exam via the high
school-OJT route. They are now under a new cycle, and thus are now under the
new rules, which will say the candidate must qualify under either the
associate degree-OJT route, or the completion of a NAACLS-accredited HT
program route. So our imaginary HS-OJT candidate will NOT be allowed to take
that last, 5th time, because they don't qualify under the new rules.

Last variation.

If a person has taken the exam twice in the distant past, such as in 1996
and 1999, did not pass, but today (2003), it is past the 5 year cycle (1996
+ 5 years = 2001). They can sign up again for another 5 year cycle (2003 -
2008), but they only have 3 more attempts (5 tries allowed - 2 previous
tries taken = 3 attempts left) in the new 5 year cycle. It is 5 attempts
total, not 5 attempts each cycle.

So, in summary -

- Take the exam at least ONCE before the end of Dec. 2004.
- If fail, take all 4 additional tries before the end of the 5 year cycle
(date starting from when the person first took the HT exam).

Hope this helps.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
Program Director, HT and HT Programs
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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> Does anyone know if the High School diploma/2 years full time histology
experience route that is needed to take the HT exam will be fully
discontinued in January 2005 or will prospective candidates be
"grandfathered in?" Thanks in advance for the information.
> Donna Barlow
> RCH Labs
> Raleigh, NC

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