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The following message is distributed via the UT Southwestern Research Listserv at the request of Susan Partridge, Vice President for Parkland's Office of Research Administration.

Dear Research Community,

Attached is the fourth communication about the move to New Parkland Hospital (NPH).  The opening date remains the same, August 20, 2015.  Building on previous communications, we are sharing with you updates and new information about the move to NPH.  Important topics include:

*         Transportation services to NPH.

*         Badge access for research.

*         Ancillary services updates.

*         Outpatient specialty clinics.

We appreciate your questions and feedback as it has allowed up to focus on what is important to the research community.  Please continue to forward queries to the Parkland Office of Research Administration (ORA) at researchdepartmentparkland at phhs.org<mailto:researchdepartmentparkland at phhs.org>.


Susan Partridge, BSN, MBA, CCRC
Vice President, Parkland Office of Research Administration
Email: susan.partridge at phhs.org<mailto:susan.partridge at phhs.org>
Telephone: (214) 590-8966
Department telephone: (214) 590-1170


UT Southwestern

Medical Center

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